A true guide on How to play slots for money effectively.

There is no skill involved in playing slots, but you can improve the odds of winning money more often. Some slot players, especially the most experienced ones, claim that the Skill Stop feature offered in some slot games actually help them have more control over their game.

How effective is the Skill Slot as a winning strategy? How can players actually win more often? These are two question we will answer in this article.

Controlling the game? Can you really alter the odds?

Some slot machine manufacturers added a feature to their games called the Skill Stop, in other cases it was the Nudge button. The Skill Stop is a feature offered in many online slot games whereby you can stop the spinning reels by pressing a button. The Nudge button as the name suggests, allows you to give any given reel a nudge in the hope that it will create a winning line where there was none.

According to some players, using the Skill Stop feature can help them change the outcome of the game to produce more winnings. In theory, players can use this feature to cheat the slot machine and hit more winning bonuses or even win the Jackpot. While I still believe that if true, this is something that happened in the past; you know, the good old Pull to spin mechanical slot game.

The truth about this myth has long been known and to prove it we only need to look at how slot machines work.

In online slots, the outcome of the game is produced by a computer algorithm named RNG or Random Number Generator. Every time you hit the spin button, the computer runs the RNG algorithm to determine the final position of the reels which takes about 1 thousand of a second.

Based on this, we can say that if what you’re trying to achieve is to time the Skill Stop to give you a winning combination, this is obviously impossible.

How can I really alter the odds of the game?

The quickest answer is: you can’t! Or wait, can’t you? Every heard of Buffalo Grand slot machine? That’s one of the most popular video slot machines in the world, developed by Aristocrat and this year it was awarded as the Most Popular or Profitable game in the whole industry.

When you fire up Buffalo Grand slot you can choose how many free spins you want in the bonus game. The logic is simple, the higher the number of free spins you’ll want in the bonus round, the lower the multiplier used; and vice-versa.

Other slot games like Wonderland slots, Mega Moolah slot The Millionaire Maker progressive, Tiki Temple slots, Deal or No Deal slot allow you to choose the progressive Jackpot you want in for based on your coin size.

Does the Skill Stop have any impact whatsoever on the result?

The theory says that the outcome of the game when using the Skill Stop and when you let the reels spin on their own is actually different, so yes, this is actually true. The only problem with this is that there is no guarantee that by using the Skill Stop feature will actually get a better result than if you had let the reels stop on their own. So in the end, it still comes down to luck to get that winning combination anyway.

What can I do to improve my game? – Bankroll Management

As many experienced slot players will tell you, the trick to winning more often and hitting more bonuses will depend on your ability to play for longer.

Frequent slot players know that luck will eventually come on the reels so it’s just about being able to play long enough.

This is where Bankroll Management comes into play. This will allow you to play for longer without going bust, build as many pay-lines as possible and eventually hit the Jackpot.How can you implement a solid bankroll management?

A first step would be to place small bets at the beginning of the game and then start placing higher bets if you see that you’re getting good results on the reels.

This is based on the belief that luck in the reels will come from time to time, so you want to risk less money when you’re not getting lucky then start betting higher amounts when you start getting the lucky spins.

The following are another two ways to boost your bankroll management strategy:

  • play high-paying slot machine games and;
  • get as much free money to play as possible.

Something that you can absolutely control is choosing which video slot games to play and which ones to avoid.

Before you start playing, look for the slot games that feature more winning bonuses and the highest progressive Jackpots. Typically a game with a high RTP and some bonus games including the free spins feature are a good choice to play for money. Some examples of these type of games include the furry Chuzzle Slots and the popular TV based game Golden Balls slots online.

The second tactic of your bankroll management strategy is to get a lucrative deposit bonus.

There are many different kinds of casino bonuses including the Sign-Up Bonus, Second Deposit Bonus, Re-load Bonus, Monthly Bonus and the VIP Bonus. These casino bonuses will give you 20%,50%,100% or even 200% more free money to play with. This is one of the most effective ways to double your bankroll INSTANTLY!

Before deciding which casino to join, have a look at the different bonus offers. Don’t be fooled by the amount offered by the First Deposit Bonus, sometimes it’s better to go for a lower percentage if the Re-load and Monthly Bonuses are attractive.

If you want to get more information about the latest casino bonuses and have a better understanding of which type of bonus is right for your, please visit this Deposit Casinos Review site.